What is MES?


The three main technological trends of the current day and age are IoT, collaborative systems and Big Data. The goal is for machines to assist the work of people, whether it’s the performance of physical tasks or the rapid solution of complex issues.

Big Data provides the necessary background information for the latter task. Consequently, the development of work processes requires a continuously expanding flow of raw data, which can be achieved through the close integration of machines. This is what is known as the Internet of Things (IoT), which establishes the environment for generating Big Data.

The MES systems aim to provide for the structured organization of these systems.

Main components


MES systems are fundamentally designed to assist people’s work. The gathered data can be quickly and simply used to gain information on downtime, unit numbers and exploitage per work station, therefore we can precisely tell what measures must be introduced to minimize costs, maximize yield and live up to the expectations of buyers.