Matrix camera

The most frequently used inspection device. When combined with the appropriate illumination, it provides a flexible solution from simple presence/absence inspections to more complex measurement or surface damage inspections.

Linescan camera

Suitable for situations in which it’s hard to establish homogenous illumination, such as when inspecting the superficies of a cylinder or an elongated connector. It’s the perfect solution for continuous inspections on high-speed assembly lines for product identification or surface inspections.

3D scanning

A great choice for the follow-up inspection of general assembly; height-based product differentiation, gap measurement and the monitoring of the continuity of materials (dispensation, welding). It can be easily applied in the case of tasks during which the illumination of the surroundings or the changes in surface influence the reliability of the inspection as they are equipped with special filters and can only detect the wavelength of the laser. Thanks to their calibrated design, their tolerance can be easily adjusted in order to make sure they appropriately grade the manufactured product. Their operation requires the movement of the unit or product.

Snapshot 3D

Provides solutions for similar issues as a 3D scanner, yet the examined product can be evaluated without moving it. However, it is necessary to shade the device from environmental illumination.

Vision sensor

A legegyszerűbb feladatokra költséghatékony megoldást kínál. Egyszerű jelenlétvizsgálat, pozícióellenőrzés, méret- és kontúralapú termékmegkülönböztetés, illetve kódolvasás/karakterolvasás esetén javasolt használata.


GTM is our self-developed MES system with the purpose of optimizing production. From the collected data, we can quickly and easily obtain information on downtime per work stations, unit numbers and exploitage, which allows pinpointing the necessary measures to minimize costs.

Installation guides

Our software-based solutions support the work of operators. They can be applied in situations in which operators must perform complex work instructions. The time necessary for training and the amount of waste products can be reduced while increasing productivity.

Offline measurement software

Offline measurement program: Ensure the quality of your products even with a low budget! Our self-developed optical measurement program allows users to perform manually calibrated measurements with low costs.