We can help you save time and money!

Visual inspections


Our camera-based inspection systems can help you save time! A poorly designed system can significantly increase the time necessary for installation and maintenance. As a result of years’ worth of professional experience and continuous market research, we are up-to-date and aware of the existing solutions for a range of issues. Whether it’s code-reading or 3D inspections, we can help you make quick and well-informed decisions concerning the devices to be used in implementing you task. In many cases, this can yield significant savings.

Additionally, we provide out-of-the-box solutions such as Keyence, Omron, Cognex as well as establishing unique systems. We also regularly perform the integration of comprehensive inspections as well as the maintenance of existing programs.

Industrial software development


In the field of software development, we offer solutions to simplify your day-to-day work.

Amongst others, this includes GTM, our self-developed traceability system which cuts down on the time required for troubleshooting and reporting as well as on the quantity of waste products.

We regularly receive requests for PLC programming, developing communication systems as well as data and interface visualization, yet our team of developers also has 10+ year’s worth of experience in the field of electronic measurement technology, therefore we can readily undertake the design of performance testers.

If your issues can be resolved with the help of software and you have some specific ideas in mind, we can surely provide you with a solution!