Print inspection

The task was the inspection of the tampon printed pattern imprinted on the products. Detection of color accuracy and imperfections.

Height measurement of thermally conductive paste

The task was to perform 3D measurements on the products and determine the suitability of products based on additional calculations from these results.

Rotor retainer presence inspection

The task was to verify the appropriate assembly of the product and provide the inspection station for the task, which is organically incorporated into the previous manufacturing processes.

Developing an offline measurement program

A software suitable for the – offline – sample-based measurement of products, which is capable of connecting images, performing geometric measurements and unique calibrations.

Surface finish expiry date inspection

The task concerned the optimization of the follow-up checks of expiry dates printed on products and the fine-tuning of the system.

Logo positioning for robot pick and place

The station performed the assembly of the product with multiple robots. The task was the optical coordination of the pick-up and placement of the logo on the product as well as the visual inspection of the product’s assembly.

Injector spring type examination

The task was the pre-assembly type inspection of parts to be installed, as well as designing a device necessary for the optical inspection.

3D robot pick and place

The component was installed into the product by a cooperative robot. This task could not be performed with a 2D camera due to the color variations of the components and the complex shape, therefore the solution was to use 3D position correction during which the device rendered the component in 3D and used the resulting data to send the correctional values to the robot.