What does GTM have to offer for you?


GTM is our self-developed MES system with the purpose of optimizing production. Thanks to the continuous gathering of information, the source of any possible malfunctions can be quickly and effectively pinpointed during the execution of the workflow in question, allowing us to eliminate them as soon as possible. This way, we can minimize the amount of manufactured waste products and, in the case of any possible complaints, we can use the data at our disposal to develop the manufacturing technology. Additionally, the incorporated filtering and display functions allow us to gain all the necessary information for periodic presentations or audits with a few clicks of a mouse.

Why GTM?


Our team has been engaged in developing and expanding MES systems for over 10 years. During the development of GTM, we adhered to the expectations of Industry 4.0 in order to provide our users with a high level of competitiveness, according to the latest trends.
From the very beginning, our system adapts to the degree of integration demands which be subsequently complemented with additional modules over the expansion of the manufacturing infrastructure.
Last, but not least, a local team of developers is responsible for the seamless operation of GTM, which allows for the short-term implementation of special demands