Gábor László Farkas
Managing director / Vision expert
+36 70 882 8872
gabor.farkas (at) gostech.hu

Bernadett Gosztola
Project assistant
+36 70 360 6307
bernadett.gosztola (at) gostech.hu

László Gosztola
Managing director / Lead developer
+36 70 334 9473
laszlo.gosztola (at) gostech.hu

+36 70 882 8872
info (at) gostech.hu

GosTech Kft was established in 2015 by Gábor Farkas and László Gosztola with over 10 years’ worth of industrial experience in order to provide exceptionally high quality services for Hungarian production companies from visual inspections to industrial software development.

During the course of our work, we always strive to fully adapt our solutions to the demands of the buyers. Our continuous market research and testing ensures that we can help you make faster and better decisions in relation to your issues.

We’ve assisted numerous Hungarian manufacturers in realizing various optical inspections and creating manufacturing software. Our goal is to continuously develop the range of services in order to simplify the work of our clientele.